Hardware Recommendations for Photoshop

Adobe, like the majority of software providers, keeps a list of Photoshop’s system requirements that may be used to check whether the hardware in your computer system is compatible with their product.

But the majority of “system requirements” listings typically just include the bare minimum of hardware needed to run the software, not the gear that will perform at its peak.

These listings occasionally contain outdated gear, outdated hardware revisions, or simply subpar hardware.

Puget Systems runs and publishes its own set of rigorous hardware benchmarks to make sure that the systems we sell are well suited for Photoshop due to how unreliable these lists can be.

Even better, you can read and carefully review all of our tests in our articles on Photoshop hardware, so you don’t have to take our word for what to buy.

We have our own list of suggested hardware for an Adobe Photoshop PC based on all of our testing.

Photoshop System Requirements

Processor (CPU)

One of the most crucial components of a Photoshop workstation is the processor (or CPU).

While GPU acceleration is becoming more popular, your current CPU option will often have a considerably greater impact on system performance.

However, keep in mind that there is a maximum number of cores that Photoshop can usefully utilize, so a potentially more powerful CPU is not always preferable.

The correct CPU is more crucial than an expensive one because in many circumstances, paying more money can actually lead to inferior performance.

Which CPU Performs Photoshop Best?

The Intel Core i9 12900KS is currently the fastest CPU for Photoshop. In our benchmark, it outperforms rivals 12th Gen Core and AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processors by more than 5%.

Does Photoshop Run Faster With More Cores?

Adobe has been working on ways to use CPUs with more cores more efficiently, but as of right now, having more cores than 8 will only noticeably boost performance. In general, a CPU’s architecture plays a more significant role than its actual core count.

Does Photoshop perform better on AMD or Intel CPUs?

AMD currently trails Intel by a slim margin. However, as new goods are released by both brands, this is prone to change.

Should I run Photoshop on a Xeon CPU?

Xeon CPUs have historically been more reliable than Core series CPUs. However, the two Intel product families for workstations today barely differ in terms of functionality.

Furthermore, Xeon CPUs nearly always have a slower clock speed than Core i7/i9 CPUs, so you will be giving up a little performance in exchange for a set of features that are typically only useful for servers.

Does Photoshop run smoothly on a dual Xeon/EPYC CPU configuration?

Workstations with two physical CPUs typically perform poorly because Photoshop cannot efficiently use larger core counts.

When a system has several CPUs, there is not only more overhead but also a tendency for these CPUs to operate at lower clock speeds than their single CPU counterparts, which further reduces performance.