Why does Gaming Laptop Battery Drain So Fast?

There are several causes why gaming laptop batteries drain so fast, such as: video gaming with demanding hardware, software problems and numerous operations are carried out in the background.

A gaming laptop’s graphics card and CPU frequently operate at higher speeds than those of other laptops.

Because these components consume more energy, the battery will deplete more quickly.

Compared to common use cases like office work and web browsing, gamers typically play games at high frame rates or resolution levels, requiring greater GPU power.

They will need to play their games at the highest graphical settings and leave the laptop plugged in for longer.

Also, the cooling system on a gaming laptop is typically more aggressive than the cooling system on a standard laptop.

Because it contains high-performance hardware that generates more heat than other laptops, a gaming laptop needs more cooling despite being smaller than other laptops.

The risk of a laptop overheating is significantly increased by the considerable heat produced.

That’s why a gaming laptop often has a more aggressive cooling system than a regular laptop.

In short, If you decide to get a new gaming laptop, don’t anticipate it to last more than three years.

How To Fix A Laptop Batteries That Dies Fast?

There are certain actions you can take to lengthen the battery’s life if it runs out of power rapidly whether you’re playing games or merely surfing the web and viewing videos on your laptop, like:

1.) Adjust the Monitor’s Brightness

A higher brightness setting will result in a higher energy consumption rate per minute.

Every hour, a few percentages of battery life can be saved by slightly lowering the brightness.

2.) Keep The Battery Cool

When using your laptop to play games or perform other demanding tasks, the entire system, including the battery, heats up. The efficiency of the battery will decrease as it becomes hotter.

3.) Modify the Settings of the System

One of the simplest methods to cut back on energy use is to alter the performance settings on your laptop.

Three energy strategies are available in Windows: balanced, power-saving, and performance.

4.) Close Background Processes

In many instances, closing an application by clicking the X does not completely terminate it.

Reduce energy use by starting the Task Manager and closing any unnecessary programs.

5.) Maintain System Updates

Although installing the most recent updates can reduce energy use, the effects are typically modest. It is advised to combine this step with others.

6.) Optimize Game Settings

Lowering the graphic settings in games with high system requirements, like Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty, or Battlefield, can significantly cut energy consumption.

You can play for twice as long on low settings as you can on high settings.

7.) Eject Inserted Discs

If you transfer a lot of data, running disc drives may result in increased power usage.

You can save a few percentages on the battery by removing the disc drive by pushing the eject button on the side.

8.) Disable Keyboard Backlight

To improve visibility and to add some style, many contemporary gaming laptops have keyboard backlighting.

But those backlights can speed up the battery’s depletion. Make careful to switch them off if you want to conserve charge when traveling.

9.) Deactivate Bluetooth and WiFi

Deactivating Bluetooth and WiFi when not necessary can significantly reduce energy consumption.

You may extend the life of your laptop battery by carrying out some of the aforementioned measures.

However, finishing them all yields the best outcomes. Optimizing gaming settings, stopping background activities, and maintaining a cool battery can all significantly improve performance.

Should I Unplug My Laptop While Gaming?

Gaming laptop batteries frequently overheat while being used for gaming, which reduces their effectiveness.

So, should the battery be removed when gaming or may it be left in place?

It is generally advisable to unplug the laptop from the charger when the battery is full because continuing to use it after that point could cause irreparable damage to the battery and reduce its longevity.

To shield the laptop from danger, you can remove the battery. The laptop will then use no more energy than what the charger provides.

If you want to charge the laptop while playing games, you can do so without putting it in danger. If it is fully charged, take it out of the system if you want to keep playing games.

What Kills Laptop Battery Life?

The battery on your laptop will lose storage capacity over time, with the rate of depletion being dependent on the type of battery you have as well as how frequently you use your laptop.

Yet, there are still some activities that can reduce your battery life- or at least make it last a little while longer.

These activities include:

  • Don’t let the battery drain completely.
  • Keep your laptop from running nonstop.
  • Don’t leave the laptop plugged in all the time. Plug it only when it needs to be charged.
  • Don’t leave your laptop charged all the time. Every now and again, the battery needs to be emptied.
  • Keep battery temperatures low.

If you have a different set of batteries for your gaming laptop, store them properly to prevent capacity loss.

For the best performance, lithium-based batteries should be stored at 40–50% charge at 0°C, according to the article from BatteryUniversity.