Do Games Use Multiple Cores?

The gamer in you may understandably wonder if numerous cores are used by games given that many high-end CPUs have upwards of 8, 10, and even 16 cores.

The answer to that question, however, depends on the specific game in which you are most interested. In general, the response is an unequivocal yes.

Multiple cores are used by games. However, it can typically consume anywhere between 1 and 8 cores depending on the specific game.

However, the vast majority of games continue to perform best with 4-6 cores.

A game’s fundamental requirements can be further broken down based on the type of game it is.

Is it a brand-new AAA game or a well-known internet game like Fortnite? The latter benefits from a higher core count, whilst the former requires fewer cores.

The game’s genre would be a further breakdown. Compared to shooters, role-playing games, racing games, sports games, or platformers, strategy and simulation games frequently tend to benefit from having more cores.

I will go into great depth about whether or not games employ many cores in the literature that follows, and more importantly, how many cores games actually require.

So, Do Games Use Multiple Cores?

Yes, to answer briefly. Nowadays, even the smallest independent games employ many cores. This is true of almost all games.

What matters is how many cores are required by games.

There are two methods for calculating the number of cores a game requires.

The first is by using the game’s specified prerequisites. You may get an estimate of the number of cores the game requires by comparing the minimum and recommended requirements.

Using benchmarks is the second method. I want to specifically include the PC Performance Analyses here as a benchmark.

The amount of cores needed for the most recent, well-known AAA games is expertly described by

Once more, the number of cores a game requires depends on both the genre and the type of game it is. In general, there are two categories of games:

  1. Popular Online Games / Esports Titles
  2. AAA Titles – Latest and Demanding Games