What is the Best Laptop Brand?

Because buying a laptop might be expensive, reliability should be carefully considered. The best option for you is to choose a reputable brand.

With so many laptop brands available, determining a brand’s reliability can be challenging.

The dependability of any laptop brand depends on a number of factors. Its performance and how long it keeps up that level of performance are apparent examples of these.

However, there are still other variables, some of which are more subjective.

When determining a laptop’s dependability, there are many factors to take into account.

Examine the reliability of the products produced by seven of the most well-known laptop manufacturers.

What Makes A Brand Reliable?

The lifespan, performance, and battery life are crucial factors in determining how reliable a laptop brand is.

A laptop’s reputation for dependability will suffer if it doesn’t live up to specific requirements in any of these areas.

Customer assistance is another feature that establishes a brand’s dependability.

Despite being a less obvious component, this one is nonetheless significant.

You shouldn’t have any trouble fixing any technological issues you may run across if the support staff is responsive and amiable.

The warranty that manufacturers provide for their laptops is also quite important.

The typical warranty length is between one and three years, but the coverage varies by brand.

A choice of an extended warranty is also provided by the majority of businesses.

The Most Reliable Laptop Brands

Here are the laptop manufacturers I believe to be the most dependable in 2022.


Asus is an underappreciated laptop brand despite its performance. The Taiwanese business is exceptional at design and innovation.

Our list of the finest gaming laptops features many models from Asus’ ROG and TUF series, which are extremely well-liked among gamers.

The ZenBook and VivoBook series are equally remarkable and dependable.

Asus is a fantastic brand of laptops for regular usage because of its reasonable rates.

Because there are so many different models available, it’s simple to choose one that meets your requirements.

Though certain models have a longer guarantee, Asus only gives a one-year warranty on their laptops.

You may extend the warranty with Asus Premium Care. Calling them, contacting them on social media, and using the MyAsus app are all options for support.


Since the late 1990s, the renowned Korean electronics manufacturer has produced laptops.

Today, it makes a number of high-quality laptops. These include Chromebooks, two-in-ones, and sturdy Windows laptops.

Excellent performance and battery life may be found in the well-known Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360.

However, Samsung also offer less expensive solutions like the Galaxy Book Go and Chromebook 4.

The excellent screens and gorgeous, contemporary designs with vibrant colors are what set Samsung apart.

Samsung’s standard warranty is one year, with an extension option, like the majority of laptop makers. With most issues, the support staff can assist you quickly.


In the latter half of the previous decade, the well-known American IT titan entered the laptop market.

But because of the reputation it has built over time, Microsoft laptops are now a well-liked alternative to the other types.

The build quality and selection of Microsoft Surface computers are amazing.

According to our assessment of the Surface Laptop 4, it boasts a good display, a long battery life, and generally respectable performance.

However, laptops from Microsoft are a little pricey.

The 12-month warranty on Surface notebooks has an extended option. You may depend on their support staff for prompt assistance if you run into any issues.


Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is almost as ancient as Dell. Due to its dependability and affordability, despite its later debut into the worldwide market, it has swiftly gained popularity.

According to Gartner, Lenovo will own close to a quarter of the global PC market by 2021.

Many people think that Lenovo ThinkPads are the best business laptops, and they are quite well-liked.

The length of their warranties varies by model and can reach three years. The majority of them only last a year, though there is a possibility of extension.

Although Lenovo offers customer help via a variety of channels, it isn’t always sufficient. In general, Lenovo laptops cost less than those made by Dell or HP.


Dell is an American IT company that was founded in 1984 and makes servers, PCs, and other products. The business is reliable in and of itself.

Dell offers a selection of laptops in a range of pricing points and for a variety of uses.

The company’s top-of-the-line laptops are dependable and well-made, but its entry-level machines are less robust.

Although a lot depends on the model and how you use it, Dell’s fashionable notebooks ought to operate trouble-free for at least two to three years. In light of their costs, Dell laptops certainly offer good value.

Most laptops from Dell come with a year of warranty coverage. However, depending on the model, there is the choice to extend it for a total of four years.

Live chat, social networking, and a dependable phone line are all available.


A business that has stood the test of time for more than 80 years is Hewlett-Packard.

Therefore, the company’s reputation for producing high-quality goods is undeniable.

Since HP began producing laptops, the technology has improved, and the company currently offers a number of high-end models.

The lifespan of HP laptops is roughly the same as that of other Windows laptops.

The caliber of their design and construction, however, makes them unique. In comparison to identical gadgets from other manufactures, HP laptops are a bit pricey.

The typical warranty period for HP laptops is 12 months. To extend the warranty time and coverage, you can buy a Care Pack. Although not nearly as outstanding as Apple’s, HP does have a good support service.


Apple is one of the most trustworthy tech companies, if not the most. It makes sturdy laptops that last for many years.

Even though Apple MacBooks are more expensive, their performance does not degrade noticeably over time.

The lifespan of a MacBook should be at least five years, though it frequently lasts longer.

In general, MacBooks have longer-lasting batteries than Windows-based computers.

AppleCare+ increases the MacBook’s one-year basic guarantee to three years. Although it is more expensive, this can be a wise investment.

The customer service staff at Apple is responsive and courteous. You can get in touch with them by Apple Support app, live chat, or through the phone.

Laptop Models Matter Too

Although these brands are recognized as leaders in the laptop market, the dependability of each model differs.

The majority of these brands provide affordable choices. Of course, these are less robust and powerful than higher-end laptops.

In other words, even if it’s a good idea to remain with these dependable laptop brands, you should check out all of their models to see which one is right for you.